Monday, September 19, 2016

The devil is in the details

We’ve all been there.  You’ve planned the best birthday party ever. Everyone has arrived and it’s time to cut the cake.  Sadly, this is the moment you realize you forgot the cake knife.  Napkins.  Candles. Or worse, the cake.  It happens to the most organized of us. 
Obviously, at K&M Designs, we would love to take the pressure off and plan your event.  But we know that sometimes you have to take the lead.  Here is a tip that we use to help us remember all the details.
Walk the venue and the event in your mind as if you were a guest.  Take note of the details as you pass through the different areas as you do this. IE: walk thru the door, and the first thing you see is a table.  What does this table need? Make a note, then move on to the next area.  Do this exercise several times while planning, and you will remember the details. 
In addition, have extra candles, utensils, tape, etc. so if you need a backup, you have it available. And remember to call K&M Designs for all your planning needs.

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